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my weekend:Ponyo-the easy bits…

beginning of the jigsaw…just the blue & grey bits to go.. ahhh Ponyo! i know there are plenty of Studio Ghibli fans & me too…cj & i planned a japanese-themed night – so we started our new jigsaw (while watching Porco Rosso), had cups of warm sake & teriyaki chicken for dinner then a bit […]

100Yen shops

…especially handy for people just about to go to Tokyo…here is a list of the local 100 yen shops! (where everything is actually 105 Yen!)they can be kinda tricky to spot at first, but when you get ‘the eye on’, they’re everywhere:-)

Kimba in Kyoto

3 hrs on the shinkansen (super fast bullet train) got us to Kyoto – & how cute are the station signs?


…later found out you can get in trouble for taking a photo of a guard…

Saki 2 please

When i bought the lovely deer-jar of saki last week it was cause i liked the jar (aswell, hehe). This week i bought it for ‘research’ purposes!Yep, i’m jumping on the JetstarCheapFlightsToJapanBandwagon (along with Badskirt & Hello Sandwich). I’m very excited but also now have a lot on my plate – so much so that […]