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making a spoon with Granny..

Granny Square spoon, made with love (and with the help of two clever crafters)Spoon ‘bowl’ made using 1.2mm silver plate which has been domed in an oval doming block spoon handle made from stock gauge (a commonly bought shape of metal, like a square rod & is often a handy starting point) it’s been put […]

My creative space..

My creative space today was spent tidying.boring but necessarymy studio is TINY (probably should have written that smaller not bigger) so when i get a little distracted by fun things i don’t notice the chaos i leave in my wake & then this small space gets even squishier.as i was putting some things away on […]

school for the gifted..

Today i received a surprise in the mail, thrifted n’gifted by this lovely lady. (now settling nicely with donkey).…and whenever i see a Push or Pull sign i think of this… from Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’