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new earrings available online!

apple earrings sterling silver $55sandwich earrings, sterling silver $55 love letter earrings, sterling silver $55 new edition earrings, sterling silver, $55 here are some new earrings that are in the shop now (just in case you have a birthday coming up & you want to leave someone a linky-hint :))

apples & love letters..

Apple earrings in sterling silver $55 L0ve Letter earrings in sterling silver $55 at last these earrings are ready-to-go 🙂 i took them to Bowerbird markets a few weeks ago & craft hatch last saturday & they got a great response & now are now available at Pussycat Black!ps. thank you to the lovely people […]

secret love letters..

part 2 of what i started the other day..there’s still a long way to go before they’re ready for the shop (final polish, soldering the sprues ready for casting, rubber mould, cleaning up castings, soldering earring posts, photographing…phew!)i took some piccies as i made them – i hope it’s interesting, if not, look away!and yes […]