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Jenny the Donkey

“There once lived a man called Chris who loved his wife, Trish, very much & wanted to have a special anniversary prezzie made for her…a silver donkey necklace! How could i not? (i already had an appreciation) So off i went researching donkey pictures & started the first version.. I found a picture of a […]

what i’ve been making..

the start of something new & limited edition..can you guess what it is from this pic?it’s my foray into homewares & this prototype silver & steel candle stick is bound for my table at home. starting the setting that will hold the candle (here are the sides & base)now that they are soldered, i add […]

starting over

this is my little box of silver tricks – i’m not even very sure what’s in there, i only ever go through it looking for a specific size/shaped piece. What i really love are when there are remnants of other pieces i’ve started, like the silver which has the jagged edge left from where the […]

Making new things..Protractors!

  Protractor earrings, Sterling Silver $66 do you remember getting your first geometry set? I loved geometry, a little bit like art, more like ‘organised drawing’. Maybe this is where i got my love of specialty tools?? So here’s my tribute to Year 4 geometry & learning fun things 🙂 i started with a piece […]

Making new things..Pencils!

Pencil earrings, Sterling Silver $66 i’ve been meaning to make these for a while, then i was distracted by making this fortune cookie necklace (which turned out to be much more of a challenge than i’d hoped!) So…pencils! I’ve taken pics along the way, first, dipping into my stash of sheet & wire offcuts. It’s […]

Making new things..Fortune Cookie necklace!

it’s always exciting-times here when i get to make some new pieces!!!there have been a lot of ‘beginnings’ lately & frustratingly few ‘ta-das!’ so i’m very pleased to be able to share theses pics with you!i grew up in the 70s, when the height of culinary exoticism was to dine out in a Chinese restaurant […]

Making a simple bangle

Ahh..bit more jewellery-as-therapy 🙂I’ve been having fun lately making settings & abstract shapes & bangles – different things to the detailed figurative pieces, so here is a step-by-step of how to make a bangle.if you take a 20cm piece of wire (mine is 5mm round wire) it will make a bangle with about a 60cm […]

How to make a basic square setting..

i wanted to make a setting to play around with, not to set a stone in (which is what it’s usually for :)) but the technique is the same. This would make a setting for a large square gemstone. (there are a couple of different ways to make settings, including the easiest/most accurate which is […]

there’s a bear in there

‘bear hug’ original, waiting (on a luggage tag) to have a rubber mould taken of him I’ve been working on the new necklace this week, wondering if i’ll be able to have him ready before MARKit this sunday (!). So far so good – here he is (above) ready to go back to the casters. […]

My creative space..making Bear Hug

beginning stages of the newest member of the anime-animal series..(made of sterling silver, the surface is whitish & sandblasted – this is what it looks like when it comes back from the casters) As a companion to ‘run rabbit run‘ & ‘fantastic fox’..’bear hug’. The photo doesn’t show it well but he has a curved […]