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Introducing the Earl Of Sandwich..

new Sandwich ring $65 sizes M-P i’ve been busy making things for the markets (which are coming up very soon!) & one of them is this new addition to the rings, the Sandwich (maybe i made it cause i can’t eat wheat anymore? boohoo..bread how i loved you!!) This one is a white bread sambo, […]

say it with flowers..

the clever clogs cj has just updated the home page with a photo of the new ‘say it with flowers’ necklace! (the yellow flowers are weeds from the front nature strip & the green leaves are from a pretty anonymous plant in the back yard:-) ) feels like my little one is all grown up!

At laaaast…my necklace has come along…

finished!!..but not polished polished front view polished back view this is what the pendent it is modeled on.. with a bit of foliage (i forgot to bring flowers in!) ahh..such a nice feeling to finish something new!it only took a few days but cause i could only get to it every so often it feels […]

sneaking in time..

front viewchecking the symmetry, (i want it to be Asymmetrical, but the weight has to be even)side view(with space for the chain)back view(i think the shape is good, the name plate is propped on, ready for soldering + each point where the metal touches has to be soldered to that it can’t peel apart)soldering name […]

..and we’re off! day 2 of making something new..

decided it needs a pinched-in girdle near the base (i had marked it out in red in the photo yesterday), so more annealing (every 5 mins or so)..(almost melted it taking this photo!!, i looked down & it was glowing bright red! oops..)using a ‘riveting hammer’ to forge a girdle (it will take a while […]

at the starting gates…

annealed (softened by heating) silver plate silver is almost soft enough to bend with your hands silver is re-annealed (on a ‘wig’) silver has been bent with pliers & shaped with a raw-hide mallet i thought i’d have a go at documenting a piece as i make it, so today i’ve started on a new […]

new ball of wool…& a giveaway

My mum’s a great crocheter (she whipped up those granny squares on the back of the chair). For as long as i can remember she’s had a granny square on-the-go so when i decided to carve a ball of wool i wanted the one that i’m used to seeing (not the one that kittens play […]

some new rings..

stackable rings – teaspoon, teacup & nice biscuit, sterling silver, $66 each i’ve been playing around with a couple of different ring designs & i’ve finally got one that i’m pleased with! i thought that tea-time-with-biscuits was a good place to start but there will be 2 brand new designs (very exciting:-)) which will be […]

New love

teacup, the good scissors & little piece of my heart necklaces..$55 each I had a lovely day today cause i snuck some spare time to make new things!…just 3 designs for now & maybe after chrissy i’ll add some different ones (thinking about a ‘nice biscuit’ too) (& if you’re lucky enough to be getting […]