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Pineapple cocktail

Three of these came from one oppy-outing..i’d already walked passed 2 in different shops (& left them) – who needs to buy wooden pineapples??? but by the time i passed one a third time the idea had grown on me 🙂#4 came a couple of months later followed quickly by #5, gifted by this most […]

studio blues..

oh..so many memories! 2010 (old studio at Swanston St) old studio in 2003 (before the hoarding! i didn’t even have a desk chair!) old studio filled with stuff! 2007 (much more comfy) new gertrude st studio…starting again but this time with much more space! It was very sad to finally move out of the Swanston […]

First pics of the new studio!

Proud proud moment 🙂 so here it is!there’s a lot to do in the next few weeks (i’m actually a bit terrified) but every time i visit the new studio it makes me happier & happier 🙂 It’s part of a set of offices (1970s?) which are pretty anonymous but i TOTALLY love them, i […]