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One sick puppy..

..feeling a bit after-party-seedy this morning? well Peggy is…i’m not sure what did it to her but probably something she ate – poor little thing was experiencing major, let’s say ‘tummy troubles’ all through the night & was looking a little sorry for herself today. Time for some warm blankets & some resting (sounds good […]

not so shop-dog..

Peggy catching a brief glimpse of sun… In the midst of this cold cold weather i’ve been loving the heating in the new studio. The other new freedom (apart from not having to wear gloves & coat while i’m working) is that i’m able to bring Peggy in! The only problem there is that she’s […]

hot-dog with the lot…

Peggy, enjoying the fire If you live in melbourne then you know the weather is turning cold cold cold.In our house, (with no effective heating) it’s been as chilly inside as out, so on the weekend we invested in half a TONNE of red gum…& a troupe of happy campers we are now!Here is Peggy, […]

Post-storm Peggy

Peggy Our little escapee (Pegs, above) did a runner again last night & was found (& entertained) by our lovely neighbours. So when i heard that a wild storm was going to roll through melb i raced home to find this…still pretty cute (but does that look like a dirty look?)


Peggy’s new blanket, perhaps more coy than happy? On my haul-of-the-century op excursion the other day i picked up this blanket from an animal welfare charity shop where some lovely folk crochet pet blankets. They are SO beautiful and made from all different scraps of wool (there’s even a bit of spangly gold in the […]