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rip-off update

Thanks to the Age for mentioning the whole rip-off thing in yesterday’s paper!the most recent installment of that saga is that they have hit melb stores.. (or ‘store’ more accurately)on my way back to work i popped into MYL to see if i could find a coat but was shocked to be looking at the […]

but wait, there’s more…rip-offs

i’m wearing a new skirt, my lipstick is just the right colour & i have an exciting evening planned…but i’ve been on the verge of tears all day & eating chocolate like it’s pop-corn..here’s another 2 sightings, now brought to you by Etsy 🙁 Rip-off by beadfullthinking – ‘Tape Measure Heart Charm‘(OMG!! would someone really […]

OMG I’ve been ripped-off!!

in a long line of recent rip offs, one of my designs can be added to the list. i made a necklace called ‘i heart’ a few years ago and i spent a very long time on the design – maybe 8 months before i was comfortable that it was exactly how i’d imagined it […]