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valentine’s day special offer

i heart necklace 15% off until Feb 14th + other special offers too! hello! have you had a good beginning to the year? i hope so – i’ve been laying low, making things but trying to plan things for the year too. So, christmas has passed, now onto valentine’s day huh? Well, it’s always been […]

making new things..

this morning i’ve started making a new pair of earrings – can you tell what they are?it should only be a couple more hours until the model is finished, it’s totally my favorite thing to do (making new things) but it’s hard to find the time.& thank you so much for all of your comments […]

wanna be my Valentine? (today only!)

Every year it happens. I start off a little cynical about it then as it gets closer, the idea of St Valentines Day takes on a new shine for me. So to celebrate, i’d love to send this ‘little piece of my heart’ necklace to someone who’d like it & you don’t need to do […]

do you believe in st valentine’s?

” say it with flowers necklaces” ready to go to the shop & Form Gallery in Perth do you think it’s a day of love & romance or cynical & commercial ploy to guilt us into buying more stuff? it means big sales for roses & chocolates (is it too much of a cliche to […]