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Knot – a pretty sight.

Unpacking boxes part3..ah…macrame animals & duffel buttons – match made in heaven?my lovely nan made this lion & it’s been in a box for at least the last 20 years (..go on, guess my sign…ooh! that’s as 70s as this wall hanging;-))She was a bit of a whiz with the old double-half-hitch-knot & she had […]

Useless donkeys

Front cover of “The Useless Donkeys” with the Love Donkey Brooch (bottom left) Part 2 of unpacking boxes + part 2 of brooches…i found a stash of my old books including this one, ‘The Useless Donkeys’ (the punchline is that they’re not useless at all! would you ever guess it?)i haven’t looked at for about […]