the amazing Daniel Kitson…

oooh! we went & saw Daniel Kitson’s, 66a Church Road – A Lament Made of Memories and Kept in Suitcases, on the weekend & i wish i had the words to describe how fantastic it was…but i am no wordsmith so here are some photos…can you feel the love bubbles popping?
his performance is storytelling – funny, beautiful, heart achingly nostalgic (in a good way) and his stage props were a collection of old suitcases, many of them customised to include light boxes with tiny domestic interiors.
Back Lit Miniatures in Suitcases. They were take-my-breath-away-beautiful.

Daniel Kitson’s suitcase-y stage props
Suitcase with a miniature of his beloved 66a Church Rd

2 Responses to “the amazing Daniel Kitson…”

  1. He’s brilliant, isn’t he!! I’m so glad to know something else who loves him too, I’m seeeing him tomorrow night. I can’t wait.
    Do you know him? I got to know him a bit last year through rrr, he’s lovely as well and still funny. xo

  2. The suitcases remind me of White Oleander (book) – the protagonist crafted suitcases of her life….