The first of many charms..


A well crafted charm bracelet is a beautiful thing.

I did part of my jewellery apprenticeship at a country jewellers in NSW – and was schooled in repairing fob chains, ‘Gate’ bracelets, horse-themed pieces, and charm bracelets. It was possible to almost read a person’s life story through well chosen charms, something that i was interested in from having my own charm collection added to over the years.

So when Lachlan asked me to make a bracelet with a single charm for Nelly, his partner of 15 years, I couldn’t express how happy I was to be involved:) He wanted a piece that could be added to over time, starting with something that symbolised them. He mentioned to that they share 2 out of 3 initials (how romantic is it to know that?!) so the charm was decided. The initials are carved in a way that there is no hierarchy – each letter is both in front of & behind the next. The sculpture is in-the-round (makes sense from the back & sides as well) because a piece that speaks of two people sharing their lives together should work on many levels, not just the public facing one. The silver chain is robust & all of the links soldered to be as strong as possible & to withstand constant wear.

This piece was a pleasure to make & fills me with happiness to know the family it belongs to. After Nelly received the surprise gift, she sent me this lovely note (which she gave me permission to share with you):

Hi Victoria,
Just a short note that thank you for my beautiful charm bracelet (purchased by Lachlan for our 15th anniversary). It is literally my favourite gift ever! I absolutely love everything about it from the strong but feminine chain to the gorgeous clasp to the wonderful anniversary charm. I know my darling friend Stella was a huge fan of yours and, of course, I will be adding something to my bracelet to remember her in the future. I’d also like to add a rose and a belle for my girls and perhaps a microphone! In short, I’ll be in touch!
Thanks Victoria, you’re a marvel. Lachlan has MAJOR brownie points.
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