the god of small fondue sets..

it was only last night that we were planning a fondue night & lamenting the lack of the 3 pots we’d need (i hadn’t heard of the oil one before and frankly it’s a little disturbing..) & when i peeked through the oppy window there is was!
maybe it was a birthday prezzie from the FondueGods? (that was why i had a day off today!)
then i walked into the next one & there was another set of forks! jeesh – how lucky is that?
(maybe it could be another theme night?)
ps thanks for the birthday wishes! i’m off to dinner now – i have my good dress on!

2 Responses to “the god of small fondue sets..”

  1. Happy Birthday Vic!!!
    Hope your dinner was lovely!

  2. Happy Birthday….And what are you going to do….sweet (chocholate) or Savory (cheese)!