the good scissors in the M magazine!

‘the good scissors’ e/r in the Age’s Sunday magazine today

this morning i grabbed the dog, put a jacket over my jarmies (& left my slippers on:-)) to go to the shops for the paper. (ooh! that does imply i got up super-early but i didn’t, it was about 10 o’clock…)
on the way back i had a peek & what a large photo, in real life they’re about 10mm wide!

5 Responses to “the good scissors in the M magazine!”

  1. Hey Vic – got my scissors today. Yay! Thanks again – Sahra

  2. Hey Vic,
    congratulations lovely! how fab!! enjoy it, us designers need the support!!

    hope your celebrating!

    xx lox+savvy xx

    ps check out my feature in real living, so excited too!

  3. That is FAB! So cool. You are such a clever cookie.

  4. Aren’t they HUGE?!!!! How cool! Go Vic, because, just like said scissors, you are GOOD! xx

  5. Yay Vic, gave a cheer for you when I saw them too, love a huge bit of publicity!!