the truth about backpacks

after many years of wanting one, i bought myself my favorite backpack EVER..the Japanese school-kids’ bag of no-choice, the ‘randoseru’.
Big enough for my laptop, boxy enough that i don’t feel like a sports-fraud.
As i headed off to the city wearing a lovely summer dress i re-learned an embarrassing lesson that i’d long forgotten..
Backpacks. Eat. Skirts.
that’s all i’m saying *blush*

5 Responses to “the truth about backpacks”

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  2. ooh! I love those backpacks! Bummer (ha!!) about the skirt-eating though.

    I also find my new messenger bag which I wear to ond side does the same thing, only I end up showing more leg than I really want to.

  3. I just *had* to post a comment.

    Too, too funny! I remember it all too well. Naughty skirt munchers!

    Oh! And where did you pick up your super-lovely new backpack?