there’s a bear in there

‘bear hug’ original, waiting (on a luggage tag) to have a rubber mould taken of him

I’ve been working on the new necklace this week, wondering if i’ll be able to have him ready before MARKit this sunday (!). So far so good – here he is (above) ready to go back to the casters. An original design usually goes back & forth between the bench & the casters about 3 times til that early process is finished. So here he is at the end of stage 2. I’ve added a couple of pics (below) to show you some of the process.

Here he is at the start of stage 2. At this point he is the only one i have, he was originally carved in wax, sent to the casters & returned in silver. He is really heavy (it’s hard to make things fine enough in wax) so it’s time for a crash diet..
I loved how chubby he was so instead of removing metal from the outside, i took it from the inside, the reason he’s black is that i made a section too thin & had to resolder him!

Cleaning him up now that he’s in silver allows me to get finer detailing & a good surface as well as being able to make him the weight that he needs to be – he’s now ready to be sent back to the casters, this time for rubber moulding.
Here is his first progeny, destined to become a necklace..*so proud*

I’m happy with how he looks but he still needs a hallmark + a place for the chain to go through.

To make the hallmarked plate i use 2 x letter stamps & a gooseneck 925 (silver) stamp & a small piece of silver plate.


so here’s nearly the end of stage 3..he just needs a bit of polishing then he heads back to the casters to make a mould of him as a necklace!
so, fingers crossed i’ll have one to show you at MARKit this sunday 🙂
..& i’m hoping to have the other new necklaces on the website some time this week!