This is…something i’m surprised i like

Thank you to our lovely ‘This is…’ hostess Angela.
who thought of that name? fan-bloody-tastic…pineapple lumps! (no over-selling there!)
The reason that i’m surprised i like them is because they are SO unlike their namesake – matchbox shaped bright yellow nougat(?) covered in chocolate – the whole shebang…there wasn’t even a vague attempt to make them look like the fruity kind.

Once when i was buying some from my local milkbar, a large man-of-few-words (maybe truck driver?) saw the packet that i’d put on the counter, went to leave but just before he did, he stopped, turned to me & said, completely genuinely, “ever eaten’em from the freezer?” Wow…we shared a lump-love moment…(it was a revelation, they end up shattering a bit like violet crumble)

I think part of the reason that i love them (besides their chemically enhanced deliciousness) is the word LUMP.
way to go New Zealand! (that last link’s for you Angela;))