this owl looks how i felt…

Owl (Japan) & Poppy (Melbourne)

see the wide eyes? this was my expression after i went to the ‘design festival’ meeting the other day!
i’m really comfy making small things. Every day. Couldn’t think of a better job for me. But it’s important to be out of your comfort zone sometimes too, huh?
So in 2 weeks i’m going in Design:Made:Trade which is part trade fair (thurs/fri for shops) & part design market (sat/sun for public) & have to set up a 3m x 3m room that will be good for both.
oooh! goodbye comfort zone!
So again i’ve asked for help from people who know more about photography, retail and markets than i do.
but i do have a theme…i think i’ll set up a room, a comfy room that will be a bit like home (especially since i’ll probably be using my furniture!)
So if you come past, have a look in the crystal cabinet, there may be some photos on the mantelpiece and maybe a jar of sweets. just like nan’s house.

2 Responses to “this owl looks how i felt…”

  1. teehee, i love poppies… even in their buddy form. They look quite rude! may make an amusing necklace… if you made them in several stages of ‘popping’ out of their bud! I’d buy that!

  2. Definitely good to get out of our comfort zones. No advice but wishing you the best of luck! 🙂