To Have & To Hold

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To Have & To Hold – a ring & a necklace, are a study of contrasts in their materials, techniques, ages and ideas. If separated into 2 parts – silver & glass – they individually speak of different trades with long histories as well as the distance between their origins. The silver ring & pendent frame were made by me in Melbourne, drawing on skills learnt from many years of making jewellery using traditional techniques such as soldering, filing, wax carving, casting & polishing.

The designs refer to Renaissance Architecture with its use of symmetry, proportion & geometry – circles & squares providing a balance of shapes, the glass raw & inexact. Vintage cobalt glass beads have travelled from Mexico, no-doubt made using the same methods employed for hundreds of years. I received the beads from a long-ago friend and they remind me of her & the intensity of youthful friendships. The glass beads were part of the fire that started me making jewellery all those years ago & jewellery is at its most powerful when it’s a vessel for memories.

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