to market to MARKit

new necklace (not on the website yet but will be at MARKit next month)
new run rabbit run necklace..

it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything & i’ve really missed it!
I had a case of technology-overload where i started getting into facebook & twitter (i mean reading mostly & then POOOF! all my posting time got zapped up & i had a head filled with what 40 people were doing that very moment..)
So i missed giving a bit of Finders Keepers wrap up (but done really well here by Lucy), i missed writing about the ‘Craft to Consumer’ talk i did at craft vic, & it was my 1st ever go at public speaking (unless you include giving a eulogy at my granddad’s funeral). The thought of it was terrifying at first but i’m all for giving things a go & it turned out to be a great experience.
& i also missed telling you about my beautiful nan passing away. (wow, even just writing that made my eyes well-up!)
So all-in-all a very busy couple of weeks & today will be spent trying to apply for the next Finders Keepers – this time in sydney.
oh! & i’ll be at MARKit @ Fed Square in a couple of weeks so i’ll keep you posted 🙂
It’s getting to be such a busy time of the year & i really appreciate you visiting this blog & thanks for sticking with it!
what have you been up to?

4 Responses to “to market to MARKit”

  1. your jewelery is briljant! i blogged about it on my dutch blog & hope you approve that i used some of your pictures. if not: please let me know!

  2. I came accross your website via Jodie. You make absolutely wonderful jewelery. It put a big and happy smile on my face!

  3. Hello Victoria,

    That is very sad to hear about your nan.

    I love that Australia necklace…it’s going to be very interesting to see who wears it and where it gets photographed: I reckon it might be sported by handsome young men as well.

    And, hopefully no one in Hong Kong will deem it reproducible in large careless quantities…

  4. Victoria, I’m so sorry about your nan; my thoughts are with you…

    I love your rabbit necklace and hope to make it and your little envelope necklace part of my wardrobe very soon!

    What have I been up to? Well, I spent five days in San Francisco visiting my sister and enjoying the beautiful surroundings; I’ll be posting about it on my blog this weekend. On Friday I’m heading to a book sale at my local library and then getting some apple cider from the nearby cider mill (right near my old high school!). Autumn is really getting going here in New York!