Useless donkeys

Front cover of “The Useless Donkeys” with the Love Donkey Brooch (bottom left)

Part 2 of unpacking boxes + part 2 of brooches
i found a stash of my old books including this one, ‘The Useless Donkeys’ (the punchline is that they’re not useless at all! would you ever guess it?)
i haven’t looked at for about 15 years(!) but had often though of it – especially when i saw (& bought) this Donkey brooch by Love & it reminded me so much of a book i used to have..

check it out! (brooch is the donkey at the bottom)

but colour me suprised to see HOW similar the styles were – it’s funny how images get planted in your brain huh?

& funny also to notice that no matter what the age gap, your younger sister will always write her name on your stuff…(Ellen wasn’t born until 1988 – obviously doing a little bit of ‘catch-up’ paperwork hehe..)

One Response to “Useless donkeys”

  1. Donkey’s are the new owls : )