what are you doing tomorrow? wanna come to the library?

tomorrow, from 11-4pm, i’m going to be a part of Craft Vic’s Craft Hatch at the State Library! wanna come?
i’ll be bringing pieces from the current range as well as some extra things – samples & some older stock at extra special prices!
& lucky me! i’ll be sharing a stall with Emma!! so keep an eye out for her multi coloured leather things & i’ll be the one next to her:)

2 Responses to “what are you doing tomorrow? wanna come to the library?”

  1. i went to your mini shop today (: but i didn’t say hi because i was too shy. BUT… your jewelery is so beautiful it was nice to have a look at all of them by person. Couldn’t buy any because I’m so broke 🙁

  2. Damn girl, I wish I was going to be there. We could high five and all that sort of thing. I miss out on all the good stuff.