what happened to January?

Lamby asks the same question….

wow…they say as you get older time flies by – gee i hardly noticed january at all! (although this cute little amigurumi lamb did come into my life, ‘rescued’ from a japanese shop in the port philip arcade, melbourne)
so, along with this girl, i’m looking at february as the month to try out some new designs & scoop back something-like-a-routine into my life!

3 Responses to “what happened to January?”

  1. I miss January. It’s a super duper quick month isn’t it? But only afterwards. During January it always feels like it will never end, those long summer days when school is a distant memory. Then WHAM! It’s all school lunches, shoes, notices, basketball..ahh! xi ps loving the lamb xo

  2. aww, love the little lamb… i want one now!! 🙂

  3. whoah. i just checked the calender and its Feb first?! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

    Jan always flies.. But i think this one was extra flighty