what if you don’t like oysters?

Northcote’s Polite Graffitier (Graffito?) strikes again!
written in neat, tiny letters, this little affirmation was at my feet as i waited for the train this morning but i only noticed it as the train pulled in.
i’m actually a big fan of oysters – i love the whole production; the rattling sound they make on a plate, the special occasion-ness, (they remind me of dinner parties my parents had in the 70s) and most of all, the word ‘shuck’…how good is ‘shuck’?!

4 Responses to “what if you don’t like oysters?”

  1. I love oysters – what an inspirational message to find at your train station!

  2. I wish I could do oysters too. Not a fan.
    But I love the little message graffiti. just waiting for youx

  3. I wish I liked oysters. I’ve tried, but I wound up gagging on one at an event once, my friends thought I was laughing, but really I was about to vomit if I didn’t spit it out!

    I do like that graff though. That is super special.

  4. I do too like the word shuck, but can only eat oysters if they are cooked.