Inside Out

If you were standing at train station without knowing that your T-shirt was inside out, would you rather someone tell you or continue on your way in blissful ignorance? We were both waiting for the train to arrive at one of those inner city stations that used to have a ticket booth & waiting room, […]

My grandmother’s hands

I remember sitting in the backseat with my nan, holding her hand. I was in my early 20s, she in her mid 70s and I looked at her old hand on mine, resisting the urge to gently pinch her skin into a soft, static peak like I’d done when I was a kid. Understandably, she […]

Dad Joke

It’s not just the corny line that makes a good dad’s joke, it’s also about timing – when to deploy the strike. You have to make sure that you have an audience cause what’s a dad’s joke if no-one groans? I actually quite like its awkward conversational full stop – done well, there’s usually a […]

The Social Science Experiment

Have you ever seen the science clip which explains a nuclear reaction sequence by using a single ping pong ball dropped into a room filled with ‘primed’ mouse traps? The film aims to show how a chain reaction works with one action triggering potentially endless reactions & I saw this happen in the very drab […]


Yesterday, Melbourne’s cbd was covered in feathers. Did you see them? I noticed some as I was approaching Collins St but only with hindsight. As I turned into Bourke St small tufts began to appear in doorways but I kept dismissing them, maybe it was a foamy spill over there or an outbreak of pollen […]

Old as me

Retrieving some earrings from an old jewellery box this morning reminded me of one of the first times I was surprised to be old. I was in my late 20s & my co-worker asked about my earrings & said with glee, “ohmygod, they’re older than meee!” I’d inherited them from mum who’d bought them in […]

Rain drops

This time of year is amazing for Melbourne gardens – is it good in other parts of Australia? Rain/sun/rain makes everything shoot up at once & all of a sudden the garden beds I’d cleared hoping for ‘inspiration’ turned into a grassy carpet’o’surprise . There was a motley crew of herbs & I thought back […]

Hard rubbish

Last night, a kid on a bike rode past me and on his shoulders was a backpack & a Thonet Bentwood chair. I love everything about that. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I was trying to soak up all the optimistic joy & comedy of moving furniture in unconventional ways. Have you noticed […]


I got on the tram at stop 7 & they were already discussing wedding nail colour (‘pink blush’) & the impending hair style trial. By stop 12 conversation turned to cake stands (slice of a tree trunk ordered through a guy on Gumtree) & how expensive the quote was ($80) & how when she & […]

Fancy Dress

A 70 year old woman wearing a fairy costume at an airport truly is a joy to behold. So many questions! Is this everyday or a special occasion? Did you always dress up or just a recent thing? Where did you get your shoes? She was a flutter of white tulle, glitter wings, silver shoes […]