Art Residency in Mexico 2018

Victoria will be installing a large artwork in ‘The Cube’ at Convivio Gallery in Oaxaca in late February 2018. It is a self-directed project which coincides with the Trueque Festival (meaning to barter or exchange) which is a Melbourne-Oaxacan cultural exchange program.

The work that Victoria will make will be a sight-specific kinetic sculpture (mobile) which will hang in the light well at the entrance to Convivio, in Oaxaca, Mexico. The sculpture will draw on the origin stories of friendships that have developed through usually transient encounters and will be conveyed through embossed words pushed into round discs of copper and tin . The mobile will explore those times when the interaction would appear to be ephemeral but against the odds, a friendship flourishes. She’ll combine stories from Australian residents with research and interviews gathered in Mexico and communicate them through a short narrative poem. This work will incorporate a balance of Australian copper and Mexican tin shapes with selected words on colourful discs – suspended in the style of 1930s Alexander Calder mobiles. Displayed in this way, the work will stir with the flow of air and continually redefine the space as they move, just as the often transitory nature of meeting people occasionally lands in a friendship.
I’m at a point in my career where I want to use the skills I’ve developed through fine jewellery and sculpture to continue advancing my storytelling and its ability to connect people. I want to continue learning from craftspeople about metalwork and coppersmithing in order to develop other forms to explore the idea of cultural connection.