Current exhibition – Ode to a Suburban Songbird

Tinning Street Gallery

Lot 5/29 Tinning Street Brunswick VIC 3056
Enter via Ilhan Lane.


Please join us for this very special exhibition about one of Australia’s most locally talked about birds. Jess MacCaughey is a great friend of both mine & of this magnificently clever bird and has gathered a fantastic group of artists to pay tribute to the Magpie. This exhibition will include painting, drawing, sculpture, music (recorded especially for this exhibition) and even a pair of handmade shoes. I’ve contributed a series of enameled sculptures (pictured) which tell the story of one of my most favorite bird-watching experiences which is to locate the songmaster half way through a verse and see its little body push out the next line. Displayed to resemble a zoetrope, (an early animation device that produced the illusion of motion through a spinning collection of drawings) the series will hopefully evoke the memory of the magpie’s truly beautiful and rightly famous song.

​Contributing artists are:

Emma Greenwood  emmagreenwoodmakes.com
Jess McCaughey jessmccaughey.com
Cat Rabbit http://catrabbit.com.au/
Evie Barrow https://www.eviebarrow.com/
Anna Walker http://www.annawalker.com.au
Bec Smith www.becsmith.net
Victoria Mason http://victoriamason.com/
Edwina Atkins https://www.instagram.com/eddicut/
Eveline Tarunadjaja http://www.lovexevol.com/
Nicholas Jones http://www.bibliopath.org/
Carly Altree Williams https://www.carlyaltreewilliams.com/
Last Leaves https://www.facebook.com/Last-Leaves-1129428497078191

Ode to a Suburban Songbird is a part of the Craft Cubed Festival 2018

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