Flatmate Finder/ Buscando Compañera Depa

“They thought they were looking for one thing but it turned out to be another.

No luck in finding a roommate but the good fortune of finding an art show ally”

Malenka had recently moved to Melbourne & was staying with us while she looked for a place to rent. After a particularly successful interview, Lenks was over the moon to have met Kate even though she wasn’t going to move in. During the interview, they discovered that they liked a lot of the same things – mostly to do with art – and they made a date to go to an event together the next night. Lenks and Kate have continued their regular catch-ups and have become close friends.

Buscando Compañera Depa

Malenka se había mudado a Melbourne y se estaba quedando con nosotros mientras encontraba un departamento. Después de una entrevista exitosa para compartir un depa, Lenks (nombre de cariño de Malenka) estaba muy contenta de haber conocido a Kate aunque no se fuera a mudar ahí. Durante la entrevista, se dieron cuenta de que tenían muchos gustos en común, la mayor parte de ellos relacionados con el arte, y se dieron cita para a ir a una evento juntas la noche siguiente. Lenks y Kate siguen juntándose para salir y se ha convertido en muy buenas amigas.