Enfold Earrings – Round

Beautiful & bold – these striking earrings will compliment anything you choose to wear.

Each pair of Enfold earrings is dual-coloured with bright enamels, kiln-fired onto the surface. By swapping your earrings to opposite ears, the outside facing colour can be changed. The earring post is made from Sterling Silver (no nickel).

The Enfold range is an exploration of design through use of circles & squares as key elements. It references Mod fashion of the 60s, Mid Century Modern design, Renaissance Architecture & the Dutch De Stijl Movement of 1917 with the pursuit of reducing design to basic symmetry, proportion & geometry.

In construction, the Enfold earrings start as a circle or square and with little more than a single cut & fold, become an earring. The matching Enfold necklace draws on the combination of square & curve & shares a similarly reductionist aesthetic.



Product Description

Materials – Copper, Vitreous Enamel (powdered glass) and Sterling Silver (no nickel)

Some small marks are to be expected on one side of each earring – this is where the piece rests on a trivet in the kiln. I hope this can be viewed not as an imperfection, instead as an indication of  how the piece has been constructed.

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