Enfold Necklace

The Enfold necklace strikes a beautiful balance between lines and curves, coloured with bright enamels, which have been kiln-fired onto the surface. The design perfectly compliments both the square & round Enfold earrings.

The Enfold range is an exploration of design through use of circles & squares as key elements. It references Mod fashion of the 60s, Mid Century Modern design, Renaissance Architecture & the Dutch De Stijl Movement of 1917 with the pursuit of reducing design to basic symmetry, proportion & geometry.

In construction, the Enfold necklace is a simple shape, hand-cut with shears & folded. The matching Enfold earrings continue this pursuit of a reductionist aesthetic.



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Product Description

Materials – Copper, Vitreous Enamel (powdered glass) and oxidised Sterling Silver chain (75cm, no nickel)

Some small marks are to be expected on the back edge of the pendent – this is where the piece rests on a trivet in the kiln. I hope this can be viewed not as an imperfection, instead as an indication of  how the piece has been constructed.

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