Love Story Ring

Resembling a snake ring, this Love Story is about rejuvenation and rebirth. Sometimes a love story can be about a new way of thinking, a discovery of what makes you happy. It could be as simple as a cup of ‘damn fine coffee’, a regular dinner with family, or having a sturdy umbrella during a Melbourne storm (an unsung hero!). Your love story is yours & it’s whatever makes you feel grounded & calm.

This ring would also make the perfect gift because the size is adjustable – choose from a small, medium or large size & the new wearer can adjust the ring to fit them perfectly!.





Product Description

Handmade, super-springy Sterling Silver twisted wire – light & strong. Logo stamp detail.
Adjustable size that comes in 3 ‘lengths’ that can easily be adjusted up or down a few sizes.
Small – up to size M, Medium – up to size O, Large – up to size R

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