‘To Hold’ – Pearl Necklace

The To Hold series is about balance – protecting what’s precious while still allowing it space. Highly polished silver sweeps around to cup a baroque Fresh Water pearl, a gem that is fully formed in nature. Strength & beauty, solid & soft, the To Hold pendant is an easy choice in a busy world.
To Hold references Renaissance Architecture with its use of symmetry, proportion & geometry – circles & squares providing a balance of shapes, the pearls raw & inexact.



Product Description

Sterling Silver pendant & box chain with a white or grey baroque Fresh Water Pearl. Pendant measures approx 20 x 20 x 5mm and chain is 50cm, combined they weigh approx 20.5gms.

Pearls used in these rings are large ‘Baroque’ Fresh Water Pearls meaning that their shape is irregular. Due to the individuality, the pearl you receive will differ slightly to the one pictured. If you would like to know exactly which pearl will be in the necklace that you purchase, please email us at studio@victoriamason.com & we will happily send an image of what’s available.

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