Sun Wink earrings

Looking through old photos of sunny holidays spent by the beach, I began to romanticise about the hexagonal shapes of light on the brightest images. Could it be the power of happiness bursting through the film? Could it be particles of joy captured in the moment? Or might it be part of the camera’s aperture reflected after a bright light enters the lens? no-one can ever be sure:)

Softly muted pastel colours in the Sunwink earrings are created by combining different coloured powdered enamels which are fused happily side by side creating colours that suggest a faded photo. Each shape hand-cut so that no two pieces are exactly alike.

Sunwink is a part of the 2016 ‘Pictures of You’ range.





$80.00 $40.00


Product Description

Each earring measures approx 15mm x 15mm. The hooks are hand-turned from nickel-free Sterling Silver.

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