Cat Sitting Sculpture

A tribute to a well-loved family member. Having grown up with cats, I’ve long-admired their grace and wildness – how can you not marvel at a beast that has come in from the wild to become one of our favourite household pets? These sculptures are hand cut from copper & enameled in the kiln – born of fire to sit calmly on your mantle.

This series of animal sculptures was influenced by the Charles Blackman series of bronze sculptures made on his behalf from paper cut-outs that he had made in 1969. Blackman’s freehand version made from paper and cardboard, had been influenced by the cut-outs and mobiles of Henri Matisse and Alexander Calder.


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Product Description

Sculpture measures approx 150 x 60 x 80mm and is made from copper & vitreous (kiln-fired) enamel. Colour is Peppered Red & is created by using a variety of enamels ensuring that each sculpture is unique.