Keshi Pearl studs

These simple pearl studs are the perfect gift as they compliment all skin tones. There’s something about the luster & clean surface of a keshi pearl that enhances anything you wear – all ages, from day to night, casual to formal.  Sometimes pearls are thought of as a bit stuffy but these Keshi pearls are not like that – they are a magical type of pearl which is made almost of pure nacre, found in an oyster along-side a cultured pearl – like a surprise gift.

Birthstone for June, Keshi Pearls are as close as we get to natural pearl and my absolute favorites.



Product Description

These pearls originate from a strand so there is a tiny rivet on each side (visible in the image). Rather than a flaw, it’s part of the story of how it was made.

Each pearl is approx 7mm  x 7mm x 4mm with a Sterling Silver post, each pair comes in a small gift box.


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