Pangaea Rainfall Earrings

These beautiful earrings are also light & extremely comfortable to wear. There’s slight articulation in the piece which allows the gold lustre dots to catch the light & they come with extra sturdy, large earring backs which allow the earrings to sit beautifully.

This range is part of the ‘Pangaea’ project that explores the invisible positive connections that can be created through objects. One piece of conglomerate stone was broken into 30 segments making a small family of earrings.

$220.00 $110.00


Product Description

Randomly shaped piece of Caesarstone star-set in Sterling Silver. Copper, kiln-fired with vitreous enamel & gold lustre. Each pair of earring is handmade so there may be some small differences between the image & the earrings that you receive.

Sterling Silver earring posts. (Nickel-free)

Dimensions – Approx 4.5mm x 3mm

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