Sun Ice Earrings

At one time it was believed that ‘rock crystal’ was eternally frozen & if you look deep enough into gemstones you could imagine it to be true. The captured light is beautiful & most of the gems used for Sun Ice earrings are ‘native cut’ meaning that their shape & facets are defined by the rock as well as the person who shapes the stone – no two are alike. The earrings feature an enamelled half moon & a natural gemstone; Amethyst (purple), Citrine (yellow), Rose Quartz (pink), Aventurine Quartz (green) & Aqua Marine (light blue).



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Product Description

As each of the gemstones are native cut, we will always do our best to match compatible shapes & colours but they will not be identical to each other (each image has some examples of the gemstones used). If you’d prefer to see exactly which gemstones you’ll receive, please let us know & we’ll arrange an appointment or an image to be sent to you: