‘To Hold’ Earrings

The To Hold series is about balance – protecting what’s precious while still allowing it space. These highly polished silver studs display beautiful proportions of straight and curved, each angle revealing a thoughtful and strong design. This simple shape curves gently around the earlobe making them the perfect earring for everyday. Strength & beauty, solid & soft, the To Hold earrings are an easy choice in a busy world.
To Hold references Renaissance Architecture with its use of symmetry, proportion & geometry – circles & squares providing a balance of shapes, the pearls raw & inexact.

A variation of these earrings are available with white or grey pearls. A matching suite can be arranged with To Hold ring and To Hold pendent .


Product Description

Made of solid Sterling Silver (Nickel-free), each earring weighs approx 3gms and comes with a silver butterfly-back to securely hold the earring in place.

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